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With mystical number 9, DAM999 @ AFM suite 321

DAM999, the upcoming 3D movie directed by Sohan Roy, is gaining attention of all delegates at AFM2010 - Suite number 321. DAM999 is 'one of a kind' movie at the exhibition, being credited as the most brilliant re-creation of a gigantic Dam disaster.
The story is a parallel development of eclectic Indian myth and philosophy, scrutinizing each character's psyche with the same deliberation of intent as the force of the pressure-mounted dam. The story arcs toward emotional upheaval making the audience wonder whether the turbulence of their lives might have metaphorical significance to the dam in the movie.

Involving a multi-ethnic cast from India and abroad, the film also visualizes Sohan Roy's work of art in association with 16 National and International award winners. The story was inspired by the collapse of Banqiao dam in China, 1975, which led to the collapse of 61 reservoirs, killing 2,50,000 innocent people.

In DAM999, the enigmatic set of nines has great significance. The number 9 is deep rooted within the whole story, there are 9 characters portraying 9 distinct emotions from the ancient Indian concept of "Navarasa" – the 9 emotions.

The worldwide release of DAM999 is expected very soon. When the reel rolls, you can see the way how Sohan Roy managed to make DAM999 an immortal movie that combines maritime life, India’s traditional concepts and a dam disaster together.

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